For The West Point History of the Revolutionary War

New York Journal of Books

"Like its predecessor volumes, this book sets the standard for a single volume military history text on the American Revolution. With its incisive analysis and excellent illustrations and maps, it offers a remarkable breadth and depth on the conflict that launched the American experiment."

American Spirit

“…like its predecessors, the book is a triumph and a delight both for serious students of the era and more casual readers alike.”

For The West Point History of World War II, Volume 1


The West Point History of World War II, Volume 1 course is a top-5 course in all of iTunes U and the #1 History course on iTunes. It has been featured as a “Standout Course” by Apple.

New York Journal of Books

“There are truly not enough superlatives to describe this volume. . . . To accompany each chapter, the text provides lavish maps, timelines, figures, and order-of-battle diagrams for each of the major battles and campaigns. While these would be expected from a military history text, they are nonetheless extremely well done . . . While intended to serve as an undergraduate textbook, there is a great deal of scholarship to unpack from this text, even for the experienced student of World War II. . . . This is a truly magnificent volume that should become not only standard issue at West Point but for any university teaching an undergraduate course in World War II.”


“A hell of a book”

Library Journal

“Countless books have been written about World War II but few provide such a concise, accurate, and detailed account as this volume. . . . West Point (USMA) shares its vast knowledge of history and warfare . . . An astonishing, important book that will inform and entertain all readers, this is an essential purchase. Fans of military history, strategy, warfare, and human conflict will reap the benefits of this work.”

For The West Point History of Civil War

Military History Now

“We were blown away by the breadth and depth of material as well the eye-popping art direction.  The print edition is as good as any Civil War anthology we've ever seen, while the digital version pushes the publishing envelope with the fully animated battle maps, data-rich info graphics, diagrams, photo libraries and a host of multimedia features.  Regardless of the format, this collection is a must-have for any student of the American Civil War.”

Civil War Notebook

“The maps alone, many of them 2 or 3 page fold-outs, are worth the price of this book. Not only are they large and clear, but also include nearly 360° eye level panoramas of battlefield terrains as the participants would have seen them 150 years ago... It is a thoroughly beautiful book, and would be completely enjoyable just to thumb through on a rainy day and peruse its many illustrations.”

“‘The West Point History of the Civil War’ is a fantastic book, and would be an excellent addition to any history lover's library. It serves a great introduction to the Civil War for novices, and I think even heavily read students of the Civil War would take something away from it.”

Civil War Book Review

The West Point History of the Civil War offers an accessible, image and graphic driven narrative of the American Civil War. With six chapters authored by the field's leading historians, The West Point History of the Civil War explores the strategies, operations, and tactics of the Civil War, as well as the war's political causes, calculations, and consequences.”

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“A digital revolution has altered the way today's students experience the...'History of the Military Art,' thanks to a unique entrepreneurial venture between the United States Military Academy at West Point and Rowan Technology.”

Army Magazine

“The move to digital allows cadets to have access to a wider range of tools, such as digital notes, instructional videos on otherwise dense subjects and interactive maps, providing a "truly interdisciplinary" learning environment.”

Booklist (Starred Review)

“This is a lavishly illustrated and superbly written survey of the origins, course, and legacy of our national trial by fire.”

Kirkus Review

“The 50-plus maps in the collection provide campaign overviews as well as timelines and deployment details illustrating chains of command, numbers of troops by unit and special equipment. The series about Ulysses Grant's campaign in the West ... [is] exemplary. ... The volume provides a richness of political context as well as showing how the war was transformed from an initial defense of the Union to a war for emancipation.”

Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

“The editorial team was tasked  to 'create the best possible product for cadets' as future Army officers, being certain that it improves their understanding of military history. The result is superbly illustrated with four-color maps, graphs, and illustrations of the campaigns…”


General (Ret.) Stanley McChrystal

Former Commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan

The West Point History of the Civil War is masterfully crafted and essential reading for students of the Civil War.  Leaders will benefit from its deep insights into the key decisions and critical turning points.”



Colonel Ty Seidule

Professor and Head, Department of History, United States Military Academy

“War is the most complex, chaotic, unpredictable and dangerous activity undertaken by humans.  We have the tools to help (students of military history) understand that better.  And that's what we've done with this course.”